Some basics steps that I follow for successfull projects

Getting Started

It usually starts with an initial conversation where we get to know each other and understand what we’re trying to accomplish. It will also help us to analyse the feasibility of the project. From there I’ll get you to fill in a brief so I can gather all the required information about the project. I’ll then send you a proposal and we can get going!

Design & Development

Once we have the clear understandings of the requirements and feasibility of the project. We will start with finalising the required tools / plugins / add-ons and/or framework to be used your project. Once we finalise the tools and framework I will start creating an architecture of the project using the finalised framework. During this phase of the project, we might have less communication, because there’s not much to give feedback on until the end. I usually start by wire-framing all the visual parts using HTML / CSS, then hook them into the backend.


After the development part is completed, I will then request to test the application to check if all functionality are performing as required. I will grab your feedback and do the update if necessary. After the site is built I’ll give you as much tutoring as you’ll need. This gives you full control over managing the site in the future. Then finally the site will be deployed/launched for public access.

Start a project

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